Samsung i8910 Omnia HD

Samsung, one of the most important cell phone producers in the world, has recently announced their new model, the i8910 Omnia HD. Expectations of the ones that are in any way connected to this industry are high, because the Korean producer declared that...

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Motorola A3100

It has been a while since Motorola lost the position on the podium of mobile phone manufacturers and in 2009 they intend to make a surprising comeback by launching several models that will be able to fight the competition. One of these models is the...

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The cell phone industry continues to be one of the most productive ones even in 2009, despite the fact that the financial crisis seems to have taken over the world. Most producers have an impressive list of products that are going to be released this year and this can only bring a smile on the face to the ones that are connected to this industry in any way. Not only that there are going to be launched a lot of new models this year, but the producers have decided to try different approaches and integrate new technologies on a large scale. This is why the battle on the cell phone market is going to become even more interesting, so if you work in the industry, are passionate with cell phones or just plan on buying a new one this year, have a look at the models that are going to be launched in the following period.